Why Your Support Matters

The Friends of Vergennes Opera House (FVOH) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to sustaining and improving the Opera House as a cornerstone of the Vergennes community and our region. The organization is managed by a staff of volunteers (Board of Directors and others) who work to maintain this treasured 1897 landmark while providing a rich program of events celebrating the arts and entertainment. Through these efforts, FVOH seeks to meaningfully contribute to the cultural and economic vitality of the little city of Vergennes.

The operating costs of the OH (seating up to 299) and the costs of repairs and improvements to the facility are the responsibility of the FVOH and are funded solely through the charitable contributions of individuals and businesses, and modest rental revenue it garners from private events. The generous contributions it receives allows the FVOH to fund its operating expenses and provide a modest contingency for investments in a facility nearly 125 years old. The FVOH Board of Directors holds a deep appreciation for its responsibility in caring for this important building.

The program of events engages many different segments of the community – Jazz, Gospel, Blue Grass, Broadway tunes, Big Bands, Independent Films and more attract audiences from throughout the region an beyond. Classes and workshops take place in the Opera House as well, from swing dance lessons to acting and singing for the stage. The eclectic programming is enabled by the charitable contributions to the FVOH. 

Importantly, each and every dollar contributed to the Opera House supports the preservation of the facility and its program of events. The FVOH is a 100% volunteer organization with no paid employees. Your gift has a direct impact on this organization’s ability to sustain this facility and schedule events.

Your support is needed, your support matters, and your support is appreciated.